Content and Creative Strategy are relative new-comers to the world of marketing jargon. Understandably, a lot of people ask me to clarify how my skill set fits into the overall marketing process. Usually, I have a quick 2-3 sentence breakdown. But since this is my year to learn design skills, I decided to create a visual representation of the strategy process…


Hey, I'm Kelli Lawless! (2)

The foundational bridge for the plan-create-produce marketing process always revolves around the consumer. Whether your consumer is a B2B customer or a B2C user… people are people. Once that person’s needs are clearly defined, we begin to make magic happen.

Step 1: Develop a content plan based on business and brand goals. (Content strategy)

Step 2: Shoot that plan through the creative process to come up with cool content ideas. (My process always involves white-boarding — hence the handwritten nod to the creative land of white.)

Step 3: That creative idea then goes into the editorial and production process.

During the production cycle, we get into distribution and optimization which is critical to marketing success, but it made my city-scape very complicated. So I simplified it to the representation of people moving around and having fun with paper airplane capes. (Sharing and adopting the cool idea we just published.)

As for where this fits in to the marketing landscape… well, just about anywhere. I’ve met with CEOs, developed a plan, and implemented it with their marketing team. I’ve also come in on the tail end of an agency presentation and helped to connect the dots. I’ve worked directly with marketing teams, internal creative agencies, agency partners, and as a consultant who implements the entire marketing plan from start to finish.

I love helping teams succeed. And one of my greatest joys is to see a great final product that delights audiences and makes the company shine.