The building blocks of content planning, your system efficiency can determine not only cost and time outlay, but your ability to iterate quickly in response to real-time metrics and current events. I’ve done a mix of retainer consulting, system creation, workshop development and training, and strategy planning for companies tangling with the efficiency tightrope.

Enterprise clients typically face four common challenges that can be treated by moving from a reactive protocol to a proactive, unified and employee empowered model of system efficiency:

  1. Need to increase ability to respond in real time to social media “events.”
  2. Want to streamline publishing by moving away from siloed content development to a unified publishing strategy.
  3. Get rid of KPIs that lead to an independent contributor reward mentality rather than KPIs that point to brand or product success as the metric that matters.
  4. Too much content, too many agency partners, too much content that doesn’t speak to the current business goals, too much money being spent on content, too much too muchness.

reflected_skySMB clients often look for ways to develop a sustainable action and incentive plan that leads to efficient and unified publishing and avoids the silo spend trap. Sometimes its a matter of a few workshops with the executive team to get everyone thinking along the same structural and KPI lines. With more deeply entrenched inefficiencies, we often take a systematic review approach to help restructure and realign each department.

Startup clients who are thinking about sustainable content systems are frankly — smart and rare. In a fast-paced, get-it-done environment, it’s easy to succumb to the one-off mentality of “we need X now so make it happen!” Eventually, that mentality leads to content fiefdoms, human fatigue, and a higher financial burn rate as the content proliferates, but traction is lost.

If you’re dreaming about better publishing and marketing systems by night, and just keeping on keepin on by day… send me a note and let’s make it better!