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Every company has a story, a product, a voice, and an audience. I create the stories and content experience that your customers not only connect with but want to share with others and invest in with you.

Kelli is amazing. She’s a great writer, but beyond that she’s incredible to work with. She constantly seeks out ways to improve process and product and keeps an eye on the big picture while expertly wrapping up each detail. In person or remotely, she brings a positive, professional presence to any project. I highly recommend Kelli for any business growth endeavor where ongoing relationships are as important as quality products and services, and would hire her again for any type of writing and content management position.

— Regina Preciado, Content Rules

Regina Preciado

Kelli Lawless is one of the most creative people I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Whether its creatively solving a problem, creatively engaging with and connecting the right people, or creatively delivering compelling content… Kelli is a creative powerhouse. She has a strong work ethic, she’s flexible and consistently places her customer needs above all other priorities. The fact that she’s a delightful person to be around is the icing on the cake. Any team that has Kelli as a member has tripled their chances of success, and quadrupled their opportunity for fun at the same time. I’d jump at the chance to work with her again and am thrilled to consider her both a colleague and a friend.

–Sandy Hawke, Marketing Shaman, Storyteller

Sandy Hawke

Kelli is not only professional, she is personable, creative and fun to work with. With her guidance we met every milestone and delivered all three guides by deadline, and had a blast during the process! The end results are fantastic and we consistently get compliments on the work.

I would love to work with her again and am always looking for opportunities to do so.

–Andrea French, Marketing Director Comfort Systems USA

Andrea French

Kelli is a team player along with everyone else. She knows her business, which makes it a pleasure to work with her on projects. She creates a collaborative community within each project by making everyone on the team feel cared for and valued. And, she delivers quality results so everyone wants to be on her team, part of the glow of a well-executed project.

— Beverly Hanly, Senior Editor

Beverly Hanly

What impresses me most about working with Kelli is that she as skilled and comfortable at delivering high-impact strategy recommendations as she is at doing the dirty work of executing it. It isn’t often that you find someone capable of or willing to do both. Kelli imagines gorgeous, creative ideas that will take your story to another level; structures the process in a way that only an experienced editor and project manager could plan; and then manages every aspect of the project to bring it to life.
I choose to work with Kelli time and again because she never misses a deadline and never misses the mark.

— John Hazard, Director of Contently Studio

John Hazard

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