I’ve spent the last 18+ years working with some amazing brands. I’ve ranged from B2B and B2C to P2P and community building, enterprise to startup, and have gone deep into several verticals including tech, media, consumer, and finance.

I’ve also built and run successful in-house marketing teams, created vision-setting and brainstorming frameworks, increased team efficiency, worked with and through agencies to provide creative capabilities, and know how to navigate as a vendor and consultant.

When you strip out all the labels and jargon, successful business communication boils down to four key human skills:

  1. Leadership: Clearly communicate how your product makes someone’s life better
  2. Empathy: Know what makes your customers tick
  3. Imagination: Know how to tell the story that moves others to action
  4. Be meaningful: Carry on a conversation that makes a difference

As it turns out, I’m really good at combining those skills, creating a strategy, and executing the plan. And I think it’s a lot of fun.


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Due to the often proprietary nature of my projects, I won’t go into metrics. But if you’re interested, I’m happy to talk about lessons, victory moments and turn-around statistics. Send me a note and we can set up a meeting.


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