Knowledge retention increaseMore ViewsMore likely to buy after watching video-Video- in subject line = open rate boost-Video- in email = increase in click throughDaily video views on Facebook aloneInfographics get shared moreVisual gets (1)I learned to tell a visual story while running around the top talent agency in Hollywood. In between juggling 5 phone lines, managing the desk and life of a rising TV Literary agent, crossing items off my mile-long to-do list, and reviewing scripts deep into the wee hours of the morning… I studied. I read scripts that didn’t need a review, I went to pitch meetings for major studios, I studied the craft of top writers in the industry. And I learned just how powerfully a visual story can connect with an audience.

So, my word-loving peers and clients sometimes sigh in exasperation or laugh and shake their heads when I climb up onto my visual soapbox and insist on visual elements for even the smallest of projects. Well, Hubspot backed me up this year:


(Oh, and 1 of 6 videos I produced in 2015. We won some Telly awards for this work. Isn’t Laz great?!)