When You Need A Strategist

Content/Digital/Creative strategy helps solve the sticky marketing challenges that happen as organizations grow. A few typical pain points that a strategist can solve…

Creative Pain Point

It’s like a bad case of the Mondays, when even you can’t think of a single fresh idea. Current content has gone stale, petered out, or looks anemic when compared to your competitors. Or maybe you’ve had great advertising success, but don’t know how to continue the conversation with your customers.

You need… a creative partner to help revolutionize your content strategy.

Budget Pain Point

You want to do so many cool things, you just don’t have the budget to bring them all to life. Or perhaps you’d like to hire ALL THE MARKETING PEOPLE, but you don’t have the headcount (yet) for quite that large of a team.

You need… a strategic partner who helps you re-imagine the expensive option in a more cost effective form. A partner to help you scale back on ineffective content creation, re-examine agency and vendor agreements, and create a “scrappy” content marketing plan that engages your audience without costing a fortune.

Operational Pain Point

girl_yellow_wallYou’re struggling to sustain an integrated marketing plan with your current resources. You don’t have the resources to concurrently create new content, purge aged content, measure ROI, plan for future objectives, and manage an active social campaign. Maybe you’re also working within a siloed system that impedes your ability to execute a a unified marketing strategy.

You need… an operational content partner to help you scale your process, your people, or your technology.

Technological Pain Point

Your tech team may have bought into a lot of bright, shiny marketing tools that don’t give you what you need to gain audience insights, predict successful trends, or iterate effectively.

You need… a tech savvy marketing partner to sort through what KPIs represent your brand and business goals and select tools that work.

Old-School Pain Point

For whatever reason, you realize that the way you’ve always done it just isn’t cutting it anymore. Perhaps you inherited some old-school thinkers on your new team, or you changed verticals only to realize that the marketing rules are completely different.

You need… an honest answer on what works now, what works for you, and what is obsolete. (Hint: more pop-up and banner ads are NOT the answer.)

Reputation Pain Point

Your control room is on red-alert these days. Either a past marketing campaign went AWOL, or completely innocent messaging morphed into a hairy social monster thanks to UCG. Or perhaps a product launch flopped, your VCs are breathing down your neck for under-performance, or Wall Street has lost faith in your ability to deliver.

Diagnostic marketing is a different sport in today’s social media whirlwind, and it takes some creative thinking to turn the freighter of social opinion around.

You need… a comms partner to help you create a new message that makes the right impact.

Get Help

Content is best developed as a proactive tool to attract larger audiences, establish your company’s reputation, and decrease your lead conversion time. Feel free to send me a note if you’d like a quote. I’m happy to help.


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