How To Use Data + Empathy To Breakthrough To Your Audience

I see content as a business asset meant to connect with and serve customers. A product in and of itself. And I plan accordingly. Happily, treating content like a product also tends to save money and engage customers, so it usually makes a pretty radical dent in Customer Acquisition Costs.

I love to see more good marketing out there, so I’ve put together some insights to help you do the same. Happy planning!

Powerful Content Trends That Will Impact Your 2016 Media

The marketing world is barreling into another creative crossroads as the rise of visual technology and social publishing continues. No longer do brands control their own story… users have been given a platform and are making their voices heard loud and clear. Never has it been so important to know your brand story, key differentiators, and to compellingly articulate what makes your brand worth celebrating.

A quick snapshot of how to embrace the current trends while setting up for the future: