One Simple Hack That Will Maximize Your Content Budget

Why Audience Relationship Is Crucial To Your Marketing Success

The content marketers among us know it’s no longer the age of Mad Men making sexy and fairly irrelevant big-budget advertising campaigns happen for an audience limited to 2-3 channels and 2-3 content types with 2-3 competitors. Today, consumers demand a different approach.

Powerful Content Trends That Will Impact Your 2016 Media

The marketing world is barreling into another creative crossroads as the rise of visual technology and social publishing continues. No longer do brands control their own story… users have been given a platform and are making their voices heard loud and clear. Never has it been so important to know your brand story, key differentiators, and to compellingly articulate what makes your brand worth celebrating.

A quick snapshot of how to embrace the current trends while setting up for the future:

How To Create A Really Powerful Brand Impression

Many companies view marketing as a cost that keeps growing year by year. Some brands are even adopting an in-house agency model in an attempt to manage marketing costs and quality over time. (Not a terrible idea — but that’s a topic for a different post.) Thanks to the ever-changing landscape we are asked to navigate in order to keep our audience, it’s true… content costs can add up.

And, it doesn’t have to be that way. Content is definitely capable of being an asset more than a liability.